SCISWA is now accepting applications for a permanent part-time scale attendant at our Landfill in Tracy, Iowa.  Qualified applicants will have good communication skills, be familiar with office machines, and be able to work independently.   Duties include, but are not limited to: customer service, scale and computer operation, collection of fees, preparation of daily deposits, office cleaning and coordination, and other duties as assigned at the landfill located at 1736 Hwy T17, Tracy, IA 50256.  Must be 18 years of age or older, be able to legally work in the US, and possess a valid drivers license.

Employment to begin as soon as possible. This position provides approximately 50 hrs per two week pay period.  The typical work schedule for each attendant will be starting on Thursdays and working until the following Wednesdays with no hours worked on Sundays. This is followed by the other part-time scale attendant working a similar schedule.

LF-TS Scale Operator job description 2023

SCISWA Standard Job Application

Applications accepted at the following addresses until November 10, 2023:

Rick Hurt

1736 Hwy T17

Tracy, Iowa 50256