SCISWA mission statement infographic

Iowa EMS logoSouth Central Iowa Solid Waste Agency established its Environmental Management System (EMS) in 2010 to improve the agency’s environmental impact throughout the planning area. 

EMS is a management program focused on compliance and continuous improvement in six key areas: household hazardous waste, water quality improvement, greenhouse gas reduction, recycling, and environmental education. Each focus area is addressed by procedures that identify, evaluate, and improve the agency’s environmental performance and result in the creation of annual objectives and measurable targets. Past objectives have resulted in reduced electrical consumption in agency facilities, increased household hazardous waste collection, and increased recycling services within the planning area.

As one of 13 agencies participating in the voluntary statewide program, SCISWA maintains EMS status by submitting an annual report detailing the agency’s objectives and progress throughout the year. Contact us for additional information related to the agency’s EMS program.