Gray Motor Oil Bottle and Engine Oil FilterWaste oil and used oil filters cannot be landfilled. Recycle them both at no charge at the following locations:

SCISWA Landfill
1736 Hwy T-17
Tracy, IA 50256
Also accepts oil filters.

Poweshiek Transfer Station
8 miles east of Grinnell on Hwy 6 & 63
Also accepts oil filters.

City of Grinnell
Picked up on city garbage route. For city customers only. No charge.

Retail stores and businesses that sell oil are required to either accept used oil from customers (either for a fee or for free) or provide information regarding where customers can dispose of it.

Also check with your local O’Reilly Auto Parts store. Many will take used oil in 5-gallon containers.

Used oil for recycling should be clean and not contaminated with antifreeze or water.