Black car battery

Since 1990, Iowa law has prohibited burying lead-based batteries in landfills. The law also requires retailers that sell batteries to accept used batteries when new ones are purchased. Be sure to return your old battery to the retailer when you buy a new one.

Other auto battery recyclers include:

Sam Berman & Sonsbroken/leaking batteries must be placed in a bucket or other container to prevent lead contamination
P.O. Box 358
3871 50th St.
Grinnell, IA 50112

Brown’s Sanitation Regional Recycling Center–during business hours
610 N. Depot St.
Knoxville, IA 50138

1428 N. 19th Ave. E.
Newton, IA 50208

Poweshiek Transfer Stationplace on skid by scale house
8 miles east of Grinnell on Hwy 6 & 63

SCISWA Landfill
1736 Hwy T-17
Tracy, IA 50256

Also check with local service stations and salvage businesses to see if they accept used lead-acid batteries.