All 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students in the SCISWA service area can enter to win $100 and be published in the 2018 SCISWA Calendar! Our theme this year is “SCISWA: 100 Years from Now.”  Part of our job at SCISWA is to ensure our communities have disposal options well into the future.  Recently SCISWA redesigned the landfill to allow for 100 more years of solid waste disposal at our site, which made us wonder what the site might be like 100 years from now!  As technology and equipment develop and waste management methods evolve it is likely that SCISWA will look and operate very differently in 100 years.  But how?  Will we use robots?  Flying trucks or equipment?  Or underground trash tunnels and no garbage trucks at all?  What will we do with the garbage: shoot it with a laser? Burn the waste to create energy? Or build a digester to eat the garbage?  Or maybe the landfill is replaced with a material recovery facility where all the garbage is sorted for recycling?  As crazy as these ideas sound, they are real waste management technologies in use today!  Draw a picture of the future SCISWA landfill with the caption “SCISWA: 100 Years from Now.” Contest entries should be colorful, attractive, and imaginative!  Click here for more details or to download the entry form.